Wednesday, October 20

for the rest of my life ~ capital S

i praise ALLAH for sending me you love ..
you found me home and sail wif me ..
and i'm here wif u ..
now let me let u know ..
u opened my heart ..
i was always thinking that  love was wrong ..
but everthing was changed want u came along ..
and theres a couple words i want to say ...
for the rest of my life ..
i'll be wif u ..
i'll stay by ur side ..
honest and true ..
till the end of my time ...
i'll be loving u ..
for the rest of my life ..
thru days and nite ..
i'll tengs allah for open my eyes ..
now and forever ..
i'll be there for u ..
i know that deep in my heart ..
i feel so blessed when i think of u ..
and i ask allah to bless all we do .
ur my sis ..
i pray we're together eternally ..
now i find myself i feel so strong ..
everthing changed when u came along ..
i know that deep in my heart now that u here..
infront of me i strongly feel love ..
and i have no doubt ..
and i'm singing loud that i'll love u eternally ..
i know tat deep in my heart ..

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